Evanston, IL Is an Excellent Place to Call Home

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Evanston, IL Is an Excellent Place to Call Home

Suppose you’re moving to Evanston, IL; lucky you! This lovely suburb about 13 miles north of Chicago is overflowing with culture, outdoor activities, fantastic breweries, and more! You’ll even find beaches here, as Evanston is home to five of them on the coast of Lake Michigan! Here are additional reasons why Evanston is a great place to call home. Learn information about Elk Grove Village, IL.

Evanston’s Schools Are Excellent

If you’re the parent of a school-age child, you’ll be glad to know that the school system here gets excellent grades! An A+, to be exact, which is excellent news for you and your kids. Out of the 36 public schools in Evanston, a whopping 23 receive a grade of A or better! That puts Evanston at the top of the heap in terms of schools and is one of the biggest pros of living in Evanston, IL. Discover facts about Arlington Heights, IL Is a Good Place to Live In.

There’s a Lot to Do Outdoors in Evanston

With a wide variety of parks, there are opportunities aplenty to get outside in Evanston! Indeed, we have 77 parks here, so many that 98% of homes are within a half-mile of one of them! We also have a walkability score of 75/100, which is good. Then there’s the fact that Evanston has five (yes, five!) beaches even this far north.