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Roof Maxx is your trusted local commercial roofing company in Elk Grove Village, IL.

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Believe it or not, Roof Maxx wants to help you save money and with our roof rejuvenation treatment, you can! Our commercial roofing company in Elk Grove Village, IL, can apply treatment quickly to give another 15 years of life to your roof—which is a better alternative to expensive and pain-staking roof replacements.

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Small to big properties and everything in-between

Whether you are a large successful business or a small start-up, protecting your building is key. Roof Maxx is here to help you maintain a healthy asphalt roof at low prices. From major wind storms to humid summers here in Elk Grove Village, IL your roof will take a hit and there is a way to prepare for it.

Roof Maxx treats asphalt roofs with 100% plant-based oils, giving shingles back their shine and functionality. Our natural solution is quickly applied by our commercial roofing company in Elk Grove Village, IL, and leaves you with a healthy roof for the next 15 years.

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Extend commercial roof life for up to 15 years.

One application with Roof Maxx makes a 5-year difference. For those looking to save even more, you can have Roof Maxx treatments up to three times for a total of 15 years of extended roof life.

Reduce your budget by up to 90%.

Focus on earning money instead of spending it. Roof Maxx treatments are only 17% of the cost of a new roof replacement, finally leaving you money for other capital improvement projects!

Roof Maintenance

It’s Business as usual

Time is money when it comes to running a business. Roof Maxx is applied in two hours or less.

100% tax-deductible

Why not save more? Roof Maxx is a product made to protect your property, so enjoy deducting it from your taxes, during the year you paid for it.

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Good for the earth

Continue to run your company with confidence and integrity, knowing your roof is food-grade material and is keeping shingles out of already overcrowded landfills. Homeowner Association Pricing: Call us for a volume pricing program. One that will save your townhome or homeowner association lots of money!

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As the benefits of Roof Maxx spread throughout the US, The Ohio State University decided to see how well our all-natural product really works. To their surprise, Roof Maxx made used asphalt shingles revert to an almost new condition.  See the results of Roof Maxx on a 17-year old shingle is at Ohio State University.

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Our commercial roofing company in Elk Grove Village, IL, is less cost, yet better than ever with Roof Maxx.

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what our clients says

“When they came out to apply the Roof Maxx product, it was, maybe, 2 hours. You didn’t even know they were there. I was really impressed with the safety equipment and the extra time he spent on the roof. I’ve just never seen a company work like that. I really haven’t. I’d recommend Roof Maxx to anyone interested in preserving their shingles and getting the full life out of them. I’m just really thrilled about the whole process. I’ll be sharing that information with everybody I know.”
Vicky Grubbs